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Nina Knows 2: Domination & Submission  2015 - Fetish - Not Complete Sets

Studio: Adam & Eve
Categories: Bondage , Educational , Fetish
Series: Nina Knows!
Director: Ernest Greene
Starring: Nina Hartley , Shayla LaVeaux , Amber Michaels , Dru Berrymore , Flick Shagwell , Chris Cannon , Dynamite , Joey Ray , Steve Hatcher , Frank Fortuna , Sean Michaels

Description: Witty, smart, and provocative, Nina Hartley knows sex. As a sex performer, sexual adventurer, and sex educator, she's done the fieldwork. Whether you're trying to reignite the passion with a longtime partner, or explore new terrain with you lover, Nina offers a variety of ideas to achieve exhilarating, deeply satisfying, intimate, and profoundly liberating sex. This set includes the best-of Nina Hartley instructional sex education films in their entirety. Combined to give you in-depth subject knowledge, they include hours of information, instruction and demonstration.

4 Best-Selling Instructional Guides:

1. Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Domination No. 1
How to dominate a man is a must-have introduction to the domination of a male lover by a trusted partner. Through erotic demonstrations and explanations of "sex play", power exchange fantasies and terms such as B/D and S/M, Nina shows and tells like never before! Chris Cannon, Amber Michaels, Frank Fortuna!

2. Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Domination No. 2:
How to dominate a woman explores both the pleasures and challenges of sensually dominating a female partner, and includes erotic demonstrations and no holds barred explanations to bring the techniques of domination into your bedroom. Amber Michaels, Steve Hatcher, Dynamite, Shayla LaVeaux!

3. Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Submission No. 1:
In this controversial introduction to sensual submission, Nina gives in to dominant Sean Michaels and instructs the viewer on power play between Amber Michaels and Frank Fortuna. A delicious lesson in obedience! Sean Michaels, Amber Michaels, Frank Fortuna!

4. Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Submission No. 2:
Nina Hartley knows turnabout is fair play and provides plenty of pointers on submitting to the 'fairer sex' through erotic demonstration and helpful question and answer sessions. See Nina take control of a willing Dru Berrymore before Joey Ray gives in to Flick Shagwell's dominant side. Dru Berrymore, Flick Shagwell, Joey Ray!

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Nina Knows 2: Domination & Submission  2015 - Fetish - Not Complete Sets

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